First the reports said the woman was 23. As if overstating the age would make it more palatable. Then her age was corrected to be 13 years old. More of a girl than a woman, then.

As if having to struggle for enough to eat isn’t enough, this girl had to hide daily to avoid being beaten and raped. She did not succeed and was raped by three men, who are not identified in the article.

The story is not clear in how it relates her journey to her ultimate end. The upshot is that she was convicted of “Adultery” and ordered to submit to Sharia law and be stoned to death. Her father was unable to help her, because here, the law is the law. Or not. The article wasn’t sure. She’s dead at any rate.

As she begged for her life, she was buried up to her neck and then stoned by 50 men, as 1,000 people watched.

The stoning stopped and nurses went to check if she was still alive. She was. So they put her back and finished her off.

No stone left unturned for her, apparently.

Who knows how many more this has happened to? Not us, because it seems journalists are caught and killed there as well.

Oh, holy crap.

Read the article here

I shall be sucking it up under my bed.

I.B. Crabby

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