From 1974 to 1978 this overachieving serial killer racked up 21 confirmed and 36 unconfirmed victims. He was caught, prosecuted and convicted on only one of them. Confessed to a total of 36.

He said that it was pornography that led him down the path to abduct, bludgeon and, in various manners, murder his victims either before raping them or engaging in some necrophilia with their bodies.

He actually had two girlfriends at one time, who never saw this side of him. He looked normal. Got promotions at work. Was a “regular guy.”

His killing covered the country from Oregon to Florida. He’d be just one year away from retirement today at 64 if he hadn’t had a highly charged experience with a chair in Florida after being caught and convicted on only one of his murders.

Here’s a list of his known victims, how old they were when they died, and how old they’d be today if they’d lived. Most all were students taken straight from school.

1 Lynda Ann Healy bludgeoned/abducted 21 then, would be 57
2 Donna Gail Manson abducted/murdered 19 then, would be 55
3 Susan Elaine Rancourt Disappeared 18, then, would be 54
4 Roberta KathleenParks Disappeared 22, then, would be 58
5 Brenda Carol Ball Disappeared 22 then, would be 58
6 Georgeann Hawkins Disappeared 18, then, would be 54
7 Janice Ann Ott Abducted 23 then, would be 59
8 Denise Marie Naslund Abducted w/ Janice Ott 19 then, would be 55
9 Teenaged hitchiker, Idaho Abducted ??
10 Nancy Wilcox Disappeared 16 then, would be 52
11 Melissa Anne Smith Disappeared 17 then, would be 53
12 Laura Aime Disappeared 17 then, would be 53
13 Debby Kent Disappeared 17 then, would be 53

14 Michigan nurse disappeared 23 then, would be 58
15 Julie Cunningham Disappeared 26 the, would be 61
16 Denise Oliverson Disappeared 25 then, would be 60
17 Lynette Culver Abducted 13 then, would be 48
18 Susan Curtis Disappeared 15 then, would be 50

19 Lisa Levy Chi Omega, bludgeoned in bed 20 then, would be 52
20 Margaret Bowman Chi Omega, bludgeoned in bed 21 then, would be 53
21 Kimberly Leach Abducted 12 then, would be 44

“Disappeared” or “Abducted” means the bodies were never found. Though witnesses and confession lay these at this fellow’s doorstep.

He looked like anyone you would see standing behind you at the grocery store. Though there were those who had suspicions about him. He escaped jail twice. If there had been cameras in or around his cell, this would not have happened and the 1978 victims would be alive today.

I will not say his name. He should not be famous. He should be as nameless as the poor women he sought to make nameless.

Again, “Disappeared or “Abducted” means the bodies were never found. Never.Found. Their families could not even lay their child to rest. Which is a further kind of murder of its own. But we can’t fry him again. Someone else will need to take care of that.

I.B. Crabby

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