Stan Lee’s path to late bloomerhood was one of KAZOOM! ups and SPLAT! downs. He started out successful in his passion informed career. Graduating high school early, at sixteen, his cousin helped him into his first job.

Marvel Comics started as Timely Comics where Stan worked as a P.A. doing all the GRUNT! P.A. tasks like bringing coffee, lunch and ink to the artists. Three years later, at nineteen, he got to write material for the company. He was very successful writing in all genres and ended up as editor-in-chief. But, as happens with writers sometimes, he hit a BLECCCH! stagnating writers block.

Like his timeless and enduring super-heroes, Stan ignored the cries of the readers and his company! He BLAMMED! them all away and SCRIBBLE!! wrote what he wanted to write. He drilled down into the well of his true creativity, against all protest and objection, and created X-Men, the Hulk, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil, the Avengers – and finally, when he was forty, the character with the most stick-to-it-iveness – Spider-Man!! And these are the characters that ZOOOMED! him into the fame stratosphere and the hearts and imaginations of kids, young and old, everywhere.

Dude is ninety now, and still goes to conventions and makes appearances. Fenwick should look so good!

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