by Elsa Dorfman, 1988

Yes, hons, today’s highlighted late bloomer is Julia Child. Most of you know who Julia Child is. Did you know that she didn’t begin her road to being a household name with her famous cooking show until she was age 50?

Her early years were upper middle class mundane. She grew up in old money Pasadena, went to exclusive private schools, and then Smith College. She floated around New York for a while afterward as a secretary, with an allowance from home to supplement her living expenses.

Life became a bit more intriguing when she changed jobs to an administrative position with the OSS in 1942. She worked right in the middle of classified intelligence during WWII. This brought exotic travel into her life and her future husband, Paul Child.

You can read the many books or rent the movie, where Julia is portrayed by Meryl Streep, for all the fine details if you don’t already know them as well as the butter on your bread. Next time you are at a book store, go look through her cookbooks and savor some lovely recipes. Or watch the Dan Aykroyd SNL parody of her cooking show for a timeless laugh.

She lived as large as her size. She was brash, potty-mouthed, self-deprecating and very funny, according to biographers. She gave us all better food to eat in the U.S. and the inspiration to make it ourselves, not to mention helping launch PBS. And all after she was 50 years old.

Sometimes a great meal needs to cook very slowly. What are you cooking up for later, hon?

Bon Appetit!

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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