It’s helpful household tip day at Chez Crabby, hons!

Being budget minded because of not enjoying life with income currently, Fenwick grew despondent last week over his white socks having turned as yellow as his complexion! I found a lovely tip on Who Knew? where they tell you all kinds of helpful things. All I needed to do was boil Fenwick’s socks in a pot of boiling water with some slices of lemon. Though I had to pick the lemons out of the Dollar’s kitchen trash, they still had enough zest to do the trick.

Next run over to Xaxor to find some amazing tips! That include Inexpensive Cookbook holder, Best way to eat a Oreo and a Great Bagel carrier. And they have even MORE tips here. I think I love Xaxor.

There are lots of good sites out there if you google “Funny Household Tips”. I don’t know why “funny” seems to bring up better ones. At least it brings up the “a picture is worth a thousand words” sites. Googling simply “household tips” bring up the wordy sites. Though they’re helpful too. Just not quite as picturesque.

In fact, Googling itself is a skill that many folks lack. For your edifying pleasure, Mashable has a lovely infographic that will help you find all your own helpful sites so that I can get back to working on your more important problems, like how to defuse a pesky in-law and where to bury all your exterminated pests, or various combinations thereof. Don’t be afraid to go out there and search! Just take the right precautions and don’t click on unsafe sites. Now there’s another process to learn for another day! Next time, hons.

Happy Housekeeping!

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