Dear Photo Phobic, If you don’t want your picture taken, just say no. Wearing a sack with eye holes cut out and pretending you are the Unknown Comic is far too dated and derivative. Not to mention unsanitary.

Dear Rash Guard Ready!! It’s an interesting concept, wearing one’s swimsuit under clothing at all times in case of spontaneous pool party. But the bulky under clothing lines might be distracting underneath formal wear. Might be better to keep a set in your briefcase or car.

Dear Stinky Mouth, I am not a doctor and can’t diagnose why your breath stinks. Go see one. And don’t forget to warn them before you say “Ahhhhhhhh”. Manners matter.

Dear Shallow Girl, While many people live by the maxim “Form over substance,” especially in the fashion and entertainment businesses, this is not a recommended career philosophy for a venipuncturist.

Dear Dr. Fun, No, I do not believe it would be a “fun” practical joke to mix up meds on your psychiatric patients for Halloween.

Dear Betty Borrower, As long as your daughter does not notice, I see no problem pinching an outfit from her closet now and then. Just make sure no one posts photos on Facebook of you while wearing them.

Hons, enjoy your 10-11-12!!!! Such a numerically sound day. A good day for wearing clean underwear and playing a sweet prank on your sweetheart(s).

IB Crabby

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