Dear Hons,

I had a lovely letter from Melinda H. in Michigan who needs help with finding stylish gloves to cover her syndactyly, but today I found this YouTube from the genius comedienne Sarah Silverman. You simply must watch it –

While providing powerful information on how to properly empower all of our eligible citizens to be able to vote this upcoming election, she also discloses an intimate personal issue. Literally. An issue.

So, Sarah, hon, if that cream is not working for you, here are some lovely natural herbal remedies you might find effective:

Golden Seal (though be careful it’s not on the endangered list)
Dong Quai (Don’t be fooled by the dildo alternatives)
FenuGreek (Not to be confused with my Fenwick)
or White Peony (That’s “peony”, hon, not “PeeOnME”)

If none of these work, there’s always this for symptom alleviation until you can get back to the doctor.

Have a lovely weekend, and follow Sarah’s good advice!

IB Crabby

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