Nothing personal.

Have you ever heard that?

These are magical words “not personal.” Say them and “POOF”, you are no longer responsible for anything. Whatever happened was at the whim of the universe and you had absolutely no hand in any of it. If you didn’t mean to do it, then it’s not really a bad thing, right?

That’s where our society is today. We’ve had the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Age of Reason, the Age of Enlightenment. We are living in The Age of Me First. It doesn’t matter who does what to whom. As long as it wasn’t intentional, it’s OK. You have to take care of yourself first before you can attend to whoever you decimate in the process.

Isn’t this the thinking behind blaming the victims of rape for the rape? “Your honor, it was just sticking out there and her vagina got in the way! It’s not my fault.”

“There I was, minding my own business, holding my knife, and he just fell on it. 27 times.”

“Your honor, if they didn’t want me to steal all their stuff they should’ve put in an alarm to let me know.”

Down to the every day, little things like telling lies, excluding people you don’t like from events even though they are entitled to attend, cutting in line because you’re in a hurry.

Politicians aren’t honest any more, they just have to get elected. Schools don’t have to worry about educating our kids, they just have to get their budgets. Doctors don’t have to heal you, they just have to avoid being sued, after making sure you have insurance.

And it must be OK because most people are buying this. Even though all these things happen to you as a person and you experience them personally. You are no less hurt, injured or victimized. But, hon, it wasn’t intentional, so that makes it all right.

From the little things to the heinous things, it’s all the same driver steering the car.

But it’s OK because it’s not personal. And even if it is, it won’t be admitted, so just get over already!

IB Crabby

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