Dear Mrs. Crabby,

There are some people I’ve known a long time who all of a sudden aren’t my friends any more. I thought they were my friends. But now there’s this person who decided he wants to make everybody believe that I am a dim-witted old stupid head, so he is telling lies to people. And they believe him, because he can cry just like that. He’s been a liar as long as I’ve known him, but most people don’t figure it out till too late.

What can I do?




Dear Hornswaggled,


Just do what you do, show up every day and do your best. That’s it. The truth of you will last forever, because it is true. And the liar will eventually shoot himself in the foot. The truth is like cream. It will rise to the top, sooner or later.

The only reason someone lies like this is because they are up to no good somewhere else and want to create a distraction. It will pass, like a bad case of gas. People are ridiculously easy to fool. Look how long it took the general population to believe the world is round and that the earth revolves around the sun.

And anybody who believes the lies wasn’t your friend to begin with, or isn’t somebody you want to know for very long if you don’t have to. It’s true this person may cause needless damage. But if you stop caring about the lies, everything will eventually turn out in your favor.

Hang in there, hon.

IB Crabby

I don’t think so

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