Dear Mrs. Crabby,

My 102-year-old Mom started dating again a year ago. She is engaged to a very nice 91-year-old fellow who moved into the same rest home as Mom two months ago.

After a month of more “togetherness”, apparently Mom now has buyers remorse. She told my sister and I that she has now also taken up with the 47-year-old activities director, Enrique.

Well the home is all a-twitter with the scandal of it all. To avoid taking responsibility for anything, Mom stopped wearing her hearing aids and pretends not to hear anything and then just does what she wants.

The home’s director told my sister and I not to worry, that it’s the most fun some of these folks have had in years. Though the former nun, Ms. Limbless, is threatening to move out. Mom’s fiance, Robert, has no idea what is going on, as he sleeps through most of the day when Mom is carrying on with Enrique.

My sister, Sally, and I aren’t concerned so much with the hi-jinx. We just need your advice on how to talk to Mom about safe sex and STD’s. What do you suggest.


Sam and Sally


Dear Sam and Sally,

What thoughtful children you are!

Here’s a brief, helpful video that will start her in the right direction –

Also, you can create a really lovely gift basket for her with various pamphlets, condoms, some nice oils and such.

Your Mom will figure everything out between Robert and Enrique. She sounds like quite a pistol! You and Sally likely have lots of fun to look forward too in your own golden years, hon!

IB Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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