Companies have had to gut their workforces down to the precious few who do all the work, and the boss’s cousins.

This means that the folks left on the job have to pull down some major unpaid overtime on top of servicing their personal lives. Of course they’re exhausted, hons! If you’re one of them, I’m shocked you have time to read this little post! Get back to work! Just kidding.

A problem with this is that all the over working and lack of sleeping is causing the “man’s” best workers, who are willing to work for bupkiss, to get sick and die too soon! Taking away most of their medical benefits hasn’t helped either.

Here’s a new perk to offer…..*sound of trumpets*…..Sleep pods! Dr. Sara C. Mednick is one of the workplace workers’ new best friends! this article explains how just a little nap after lunch will refresh the worker to go on to higher productivity and more staying power! Fewer workers working longer and happier! The only ones to complain about this will be the unemployed, who are able to sleep most of the day anyway.

Here are some actual Sleep Pod designs! Just imagine a room of these in your workplace. You’ll probably get up even earlier to rush to work in anticipation of your comfy post lunch nappy time!

It’s not at all a new idea. The Spanish have observed the wisdom of a two-hour post lunch siesta for hundreds of years. The Germans, long time proponents of prosperity through hard work, are also adopting the nap paradigm. This Greek 6-year-study extols the benefit of naps. Though it hasn’t seemed to help their economy much.

When presenting your case to your own boss, you can include Einstein, Napolean, Edison, Da Vinci and Churchill as examples of regular nappers who succeeded. Though you might want to omit Bill Clinton, because of his other break time proclivities. I do doubt you’ll get two hours, unless you have a windowless office with a locking door, but twenty minutes is better than nothing!

And to further fuel the fire for inspiring the practice of napping – there are opportunities for cottage industry employment to bubble up! We’ll need sleep masks! The sanitary conscious will require their own, compact, nap pillows. Ear plugs will be a necessity in those bug-a-dah bug-a-dah bug-a-dah factories.

It’s a wonderful idea! In fact, I’m due for my nap now.

Sweet dreams, hons!

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