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So much exciting news this week! Two distinguished careers now extinguished! Monsignor William Lynn is the very first U.S. Roman Catholic higher up to be sent up the river for kids getting it in the shorts.(“Bless me, myself, for I have sinned.”) And, of course, Mr. Sandusky has been convicted for taking advantage of a different sort of “Jerry’s Kids.”

As high-profile as these cases are, will they really make any kind of lasting difference in increasing the safety of our children’s privates and psyches from these kind of predators? These guys and gals get out of prison and have to live, most likely uncured, somewhere. Though not in Green Bay WI. There are and have been international organizations dedicated to the promotion of raping children in a concerted effort to make it a normal part of society. Hons, I gotta say, the preponderance of children being violated physically and psychically this way, coupled with a societal sandbox full of heads, gives these groups more impetus. It just does. How can we know this? Just ask one question – Are they still actively operational?

Because we don’t protect our kids enough – haven’t to date and, recent convictions notwithstanding, likely won’t in the future, I offer kids some self-defensive safety tips:

~Any time a grown up you don’t know touches you, scream at the TOP of your lungs “STAY OUT OF MY UNDERPANTS!!!!!” and run….run run away.
~Any time a stranger offers you candy or a toy, scream at the TOP of your lungs “I DON’T DO DRUGS YOU PERVERT!!!” and run….run run way.
~If a male relative wants to play “pogo stick”, or some such, with you, run to your mom or dad and ask why Uncle Timmy has such a funny bumpy lap. And it smells funny and has a wet spot. Then hide under your bed.
~If a female relative wants to play “sleepover” with you, turn into the monster in your closet and steal her purse – then run to your mom or dad and get them in on the game.
~If your mom or dad or babysitter do any of these things, call 911 and ask the operator if these things are normal. “Just want to make sure.” Then hide under your neighbor’s bed.
~If your pastor, teacher, coach, neighbor wants to talk with you alone and offers you special favors that the other kids don’t get, bring ALL your friends with you next time they ask to see you alone. Bring the ones you don’t like too. Then tell the pastor, teacher, coach or neighbor that you just wanted to share the joy. And make sure to tell your mom and dad ALL about it.
~If you carry a phone with a camera on you, take photos of all such things. Better yet, if you have video recording capacity – make a YouTube and post it for the world to see!

And parents, if you are not parents who believe it’s OK to rape your children or take pornographic photos of them, pay attention to your kids. Don’t ignore the signs.

Oprah’s helpful site
Web MD’s advice
Wiki How shows you how to see it
The AACAP tells it like it is
Buy this for your kids.

If you are a survivor of such things who has not grown up to commit the same vile acts, you are amazing, brave and strong. And if you’ve helped to put one of these sleaze gobs away, you are an angel and a hero.

IB Crabby

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