Lately hons, I have been exhausted. By 2:00 or 2:30 in the afternoon, wherever I am, I have to have a nap. And this sometimes proves awkward when in line at the unemployment office or Target. Though at Wal-Mart no one seems to notice.

At any rate. Exhaustion. Every morning I check our e-mail account. It is so full of coupon offers from the various sites that make you sign up when you get your 20% discount at the register. Then there’s all the online selling sites and their daily or, sometimes, hourly offers. I no longer read any of them because it takes twenty minutes just to delete them from my mailbox. When I have a free couple hours I’ll unsubscribe.

I’ll have to keep the job search sites, though, because the Crabby household is woefully underemployed. There’s another twenty minutes checking out the four daily job openings in towns more than an hour’s drive away. There are better alternatives to these sites, and I’ll look for them when my next free hour comes up. After I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to submit my applications.

Then there’s an hour scheduled to review various online books on how to create online income created by people who purport to be online millionaires, which is curious because their online books are free. If it is so very easy to do then why is it that those steps to making $money$ happen are, so far, impossible to find in their books. Perhaps I expect too much.

From what I can gather, it’s our e-mail address that is valuable when it is on a “list.” Perhaps we can pool groups of us together and create giant e-mail listings that we can sell to marketers for a shared fee!! We’ll be millionaires too! Though probably not until the year 3027.

Then there are the family chores. Details would be TMI, especially regarding Fenwick’s laundry requirements and cleaning up after Seymour’s various taxidermy and mortuary science projects. Let’s just say, therein lies the major portion of the day.

Does this happen to you, hons? Do you find yourself at the end of your day having done everything for everyone else, but forgot to pick up your own prescriptions, dry cleaning, dinner, or had no time for your own shower, or noticed the cobwebbing on the exercise equipment as you rush by to take one of your kids to their next game/orthodontist appointment/art class?

Many of us seem to drowning in fritter. There are so many disjointed little things we have to do that we did not have to do even ten years ago. We must fill out pages of forms for our own insurance applications; research each and every single thing we must do – from purchasing a toaster oven to finding a surgeon to remove our children’s tonsils. We must print our own paper receipts and such and then go to the office supply store to buy replacement ink and paper. All little details that used to be done for us and included in the purchase price are now on us!

There is help online! Here’s a site for the Get It Done Guy. He has some very good ideas, as his life took the same turn and now you can also subscribe to his sites and articles and add them to your daily reading list. Here’s a wonderful article that addresses some of these very issues! Their answer is that you have to throw out what you don’t need and organize the rest! Though when I tried this, throwing out and organizing started taking over an hour a day.

And it seems that my need for extra sleep may well be stress related according to this WebMD article. I’ve subscribed to their newsletter to make sure I keep up on this now.

What’s the answer then? At the end of my frittered rope, I plan to try this: For every new thing I must do, I will get rid of two. For every new thing I must buy or have, I will get rid of three. For every new request Fenwick makes, I will reduce his high fructose corn syrup “fixes” accordingly as “aversion therapy”. Perhaps in five or six years, the days will become more manageable. I shall keep a cheerful mind, as the “Get Everything Done Cheerfully” newsletter coaches. Twice daily.

Do you have any helpful tips for simplifying your days? Has some brilliant idea worked wonders for you? Please share them in the comments!

And, hons – Don’t forget to bookmark my site for your reading list as my next Commentary will be High Fructose Corn Syrup and your next bathing suit! (note: irony…which reminds me, the stack of ironing is covering the kitties litter box….uh oh)

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