Dear Irmagarde Crabby,

I am a fan of your work and the wonderful way you help people. Please help me today.

I am a healthy young man of 23. I work out and have plenty of rest. I am a good weight and quite buff. My life is balanced and happy. My girlfriend and I enjoy regular and hot sex. You would think everything is perfect, right?

I have one secret thing that worries me, thinking it is not normal.

I enjoy eating sticks of butter. All by themselves. Just the stick of butter. If it was only once in awhile, I’d shrug it off. But it is not. I eat three to five sticks of butter a day. Is this healthy? I know it is not normal.

What do you suggest?


Hooked On Butter!


Dear HOB,

First, thank you for your lovely compliments. It’s a good reason why your letter rose to the top. Much like the cream that butter is made from.

While it’s not unheard of, eating sticks of butter, the additional saturated fat in your diet could eventually render you diabetic, if not comatose.

I would suggest cutting down to eating just one stick a day, if you have to, and using the rest to smear on yourself and your girlfriend prior to your enjoyment of regular and hot sex, hon.

IB Crabby

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