Hi hons,

I know you all are busy today, so I’ll plow through a big stack of mail for the easily answerables –

Dear Easy Eugene – No, you don’t need to use a condom for disease protection when you are flying solo. However, it is a good idea for sanitary reasons and to cut down on your mother’s laundry.

Dear Simone Says – How nice you have a boyfriend with whom you share a passion for leather and discipline! It’s very nice to enjoy common interests with a flame. I’d hold off on the mutual tattooed piercings for now. See if the relationship is going to be more substantial. Three days in a Motel 6 is really not enough.

Dear Overwhelmed in the Burbs – Here is the yardstick: 3 or more pokes a day says “I’m interested, let’s have coffee.” But if you never call or message to set up coffee, then you’ll never know. Which is OK too. Don’t stress over it. But don’t be too chicken either. Like the late Mario Mendoza always said “You’ll never hit a home run if you don’t get up to bat!”

Word of the day: You’ll never know what you don’t know today if you don’t do what you’re not sure of doing or if you are even aware that there is something you don’t know that you want to do that you should or should not do. But whatever it is or isn’t, always stay safe, take it easy and keep your phone charged!

There you go hons,

IB Crabby


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