Catherine “Kitty” Genovese came from a close Italian family. She grew up in Brooklyn and at 19 decided to stay in the city when her family moved to New Canaan Connecticut. Though she did dream of opening an Italian restaurant with her dad in New Canaan someday. She visited her family as often as she could.

She got an apartment in Queens and a job as a bar manager five miles from her apartment. She was 19, 5’1 and 105 pounds.

At 3:15 a.m.on March 13, 1964, Kitty got out of her Fiat and began the walk to her apartment. She immediately noticed a man following her and began to ran. He was faster and overpowered her. In the courtyard of her apartment building he jumped on her and stabbed her. She screamed and apartment lights went on all over the building.

…..and not one person called the police.

The man ran off when one of the apartment dwellers shouted down to him. But nothing happened after. Kitty lay there bleeding and sobbing. She pulled herself up and tried to get to a side door. It was locked, and the man came back. He stabbed her again. She screamed again. Lights went on again. Mr. Koshkin wanted to call the police, but his wife wouldn’t let him. “They’ve got 30 calls already, I’m sure.”

But the police had not received a single call. No one called. Again.

At 3:25 a.m. Kitty managed to stumble to the back of the apartment building only to find the rear door locked. She reached the hallway of a neighboring building and slid to the vestibule floor. The man came back, followed the trail of blood to where she lay, cut off her bra and underwear, raped her, took the $49 in her wallet, viciously stabbed her to death and walked away. He said later “Why would I throw money away?”

And no one ever called the police until her dead body was found later in the morning. It was the man’s third murder.

*ahem* Well, she’d be about 65 today had she lived.

Her restaurant in New Canaan called “Genovese’s” is decorated in beautiful holiday garlands and bows. Their special this month is “Christmas Pasta”, red with sauce and green noodles. Kitty’s specialty are the meatballs. So delicious. She learned the recipe on her travels to Italy. Her husband is the host and bookkeeper. They have 4 kids, all out of college and into happy successful lives. Her eyes are her best feature. They crinkle very beautifully when she laughs. And she laughs often. She has helped so many local families in the economic down times by depositing bags full of dinner on their doors when she knows they will be home and hungry. Yes, Kitty Genovese is one of the shining lights of New Canaan Connecticut. And whenever she sees someone in trouble, she calls the police.

That would be some pasta sauce I would have liked to suck up!

I.B. Crabby

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