Dear Mrs. Crabby: My son is 35 years old now. Is it OK to keep breast feeding him? Tired Mom

Dear TM: As long as his knees hold out, I don’t see a problem. IBC


Dear Mrs. Crabby: Would it be wrong to ask my son’s ex-girlfriend out? Interested in a Hookup

Dear IIAH: Best to wait till your son moves out of the house. Maybe a couple years after that. And only if she looks really different by then. And has changed her name. IBC


Dear Mrs. Crabby: This year I really want to trick or treat with my daughter Jasmine! She’s put me off for some years now, but this year I told her she has no choice. We’re going to go as  Disney Princesses!! I’ve been looking forward to this day for years!! Am I making a mistake?   Bob

Dear Bob: If your medical insurance covers counseling, I’m sure Jasmine will be fine. Eventually. IBC

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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