Dear Ms. Crabby,

My Doberman, Butcher, contrary to his name, is a sweetheart of a dog! He chases butterflies. He lets kids climb all over him. He looks after my mom when he stays with her by letting her know who’s at the door! One bark for the mailman, two barks for her best friend and a little howl for me. He is the gentlest, kindest, smartest dog I’ve ever known. But when I take him for a walk, people cross the street to avoid him. Their children point and quiver in fear for no good reason! Poor Butcher gets depressed after this, so I have to drive out-of-town to walk him on a trail where we’re not likely to see people.

This is just so wrong, Ms. Crabby. I want folks to understand that my dog will not hurt them and, in fact, would like them very much if given a chance!

What can I do?


Doggone Tired


Dear Doggone, hon,

I hear you. It is wrong. People are so easily spooked by one bad story that they paint a whole swath of critters with that one brush stroke. Mostly because we are dumber than the dogs.

Anyway, bless your heart, you go to: THIS WEBSITE and get one of these for your sweet Butcher. Then he will look like this:

And everyone will love him on his walks!! (Though he might need some therapy if he develops identity issues)…….(now if only we had such disguises for our in-laws….)

Let me know how it goes, hon!

IB Crabby

Nice doggie!

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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