Dear Ms. Crabby,

I have been sending you amazing love comments of supporting things for months now. How come you never approve my bitchin comments on your excellent postings? I say compliment after compliment and never criticize your site structures or opinions and not even ONCE have you approved my comments! Just because I add a link to my own bitchin sites. I am having many of them on the internets. They are mostly wholesome. This is how supportage of each other’s business is arms across the internet for helping sales to people who have money left for spending.

Begging you in English, I say



Dear PMS,

Your attentions are so lovely in their hacker spammer kind of way. I will speak to my assistant who cleans my spam folders and see what he has to say. “FENWICK!!!! WHAT’S UP WITH THE SPAMMERS????”

……(pause for reply)

Oh. Hons, he says you never offer to send him cash or free samples.

Meanwhile, I’m inspired to sing.


“There’s a big warning light on the comments…..
There’s a big warning light on the comments….
The spam is as high as an elephants eyyyyyyeeeeeee……
An it looks like it’s all coming from this one guy………”


IB Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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