Dear hons!

I’ve been remiss and missed a few days answering your wonderful letters! For today’s catch-up, I’ll answer some of your more pressing questions. You’ll know who you are!

Dear The Often Odd Ted – Yes, I think a sculpture of a large man made of shoes entitled “shoes make the man” would be wonderful in a meta kind of way.

Dear Stuck On A Problem – Hon, if you are dead set on not washing your hands after using the bathroom it’s not going to make you a better person to be “up front and honest” about it.

Dear Confused Radically About Politics – I don’t think Mr. Romney will care one way or another if you divorce all but one of your 23 wives. I’m sure he will take your contribution check regardless.

And Dear Mother Crabby – I am very touched by your continuous barrage of letters telling me how wonderful your former daughter-in-law was. Even though you sign them with different names, you might want to use different stationery and a different colored pen than “purple.” Fenwick says “Kisses!”

Now you all go out and make a happy day with a smile and a dirty joke.

IB Crabby

Happy Day!

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Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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