Dear Mrs. Crabby,

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?????? Everywhere I turn this week, folks are being stalked, harassed, insulted, chased down and generally messed with for no good reason? My cousin was harassed in a mall parking lot by an old geezer who told her she has nice tits and then wiggled his tongue at her suggestively. THEN he hit her car with his car, followed her into the store and had to be told by store security to BACK OFF. For no apparent reason???

Then my best friend’s dad was barraged with text messages for two days from some yahoo he knows from Facebook after he expressed an opinion about Mitt Romney. An opinion. The guy was texting him insults and threats until he had to change his phone number. All over an opinion.

And the coupe de grassy, Mrs. Crabby, my grandmother got chased from her garage to her house by a pack of squirrels! She wasn’t carrying any food. She didn’t threaten them with a broom or anything. Out of nowhere, this pack of squirrels stood in front of her, with one hopping onto the shoulders of another until they were about 3 feet high, and chased her into her house. THEN they stood at her back door and kept knocking to get in, for an hour!

The world’s going buggy. Do you have any clues as to why?


Scared of Shadows



Dear S.O.S.


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And wear a helmet and knee pads when you go out. Carrying a bag of nuts might not be a bad idea either.

IB Crabby


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