I saw a funny sign on the Facebook today. It said “I’ve gone for the weekend. I left you $100 for food in your room. When you clean it up, you’ll find it.”

And this struck a chord with me. As a youngster I had the worst mess of rooms one could possibly imagine. I never had a problem with bugs in my room, because it was too messy even for them, hons! Momma would say “If you’re not going to clean it up, then keep your door closed so I do not have to look at it.” And I did.

About once a month I would need to find something. Usually my wallet with my money. And in order to find it I would have to clean my room up. When it was all clean, I would marvel at how good it felt to have a clean room. This would last maybe three days. Momma would say to me, “I can’t wait to see what your place will look like when you grow up and move out!”

The time came and I moved into a cute townhouse apartment. It was full of fine hand-me-downs with a kitchen equipped from K-mart. I loved it. It was always neat.as.a.pin!! One day Momma came by unannounced. I let her into the apartment. She did not say a word. She walked around the living room then into the kitchen, opening cupboards. She walked upstairs into the bedrooms, then came back down, her face full of thunder clouds.

“Whatever is wrong?” I asked, and she said “When you lived at home your room was a STY!!! A MESS!! and now this place is neat as a pin!!!” Oh, she was quite angry, oh yes.

Let this be a lesson to us all, hons. Just because a child is extremely sloppy at home, do not assume they will be thus in their own homes. And, if they ARE still sloppy, then tell people they were adopted.

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