Hi hons,

Last night, while enjoying a peaceful relaxing evening with Fenwick and the new episode of Eureka, I was smart enough to have left my Smart phone in the bathroom, under a towel. (I’d turn it off, but since dropping it on its head, it really has some issues and protests strangely when turned off).

When I went to check the phone I noticed a 206 area code telephone call. This is a curious thing, as I don’t know anyone in Seattle who would call me after dinner time.

I did a reverse phone look up and found a veritable plethora of comment entries on this number being a spam caller who offers one a free cruise in exchange for personal information.

In other words, hons, a SPAM CALLER!!

Aren’t we all tired of these bottom feeders interrupting our free time by trying to phish for personal data to sell to others or steal for themselves? After all, there is no law preventing someone from calling anyone and asking anything that isn’t lewd or threatening. Though I find it a fine line with the treatening part when being asked for personal data such as social security number, three major credit card numbers, mother’s maiden name, bank account numbers and passwords.

All that aside, it’s time we fought back!! Here’s the plan –

The next time you or I get a “phishing” spam call, instead of hanging up – keep them on the line. Tell them to “WAIT” while you get the webcam going. Then film yourself speaking to them. Show the telephone number clearly and then feed them a boat-load of misinformation, all the while exuding enthusiasm over the offered “reward.”

After hanging up, post the vid onto YouTube under “PUNK THE SPAMMERS!” And all of us out here – when we see the phone number, let’s call them up immediately and ask for OUR prize!
Let’s see how many of us can get the same cruise!

The telephone number that called me last night was 206-496-0492. Go get your cruise, hons! Sometimes it’s a “political survey” and sometimes it’s “You’ve Won a Cruise!” See what you get.

Turn about is fair play, after all.

My antidote to having to suck it up today, hons.

IB Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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